5″/6.5″ double sided EM strip (EM tail tags) – EM05

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Product Description

Name:5″/6.5″ double sided EM strip (EM tail tags)
1. Green Environmental strips: The material used for security strips, EAS strips and magnetic strips has all got certification from institutions and do no harm to humans.
2. Protects paperbacks, magazines, journals and thin or tightly bound hard cover books.
3. Long plastic tails for easy handling to pull tags deep into the book gutter.
4. Designed to be hidden in the spine of a hard cover book
5. Easy to apply and ensure tags stay in the books.
6. Specification: The length of intermal strip 16.5CM/12.5cm.
7. Our products are compatible with all electromagnetic wave systems such as 3M, Certus Checkpoint Dialoc etc.
8.5″/6.5″ double sided strips, Co-based magnetic strips achieve an excellent effect.