EG-AM02 Factory Price AM 58KHz Clothing Anti Theft Gate EAS Security System


Product Features:

1.Advanced DSP technology,wireless sync

2.DSP main board with strong ability to anti interference

3.Detection range:0.7-0.9m(soft label), 1.0-1.5m(tags)

4.Ajustable sound and light alarm

5.Each pedestal with security alarm system

6.Compatible with different soft labels and tags

7.Stable performance, High Sensitive, Pretty style

8.Regulating by  portable remote control device

  • Description

Product Description

Product name:Factory Price AM 58KHz Zara Clothing Anti Theft Gate EAS Security System

Operating Voltage: AC(50~60hz)110~230V

Frequency: 58KHZ

Working Type: TX +RX Or MONO

Main Board: AM BOARD

Material: ABS

Antenna size: 152*41.5*14CM


DR label ≥1.6m

Mid tag ≥2.6m

Big tag ≥3m