TOLL360 – Cloud Toll Collection System

We have combination of technologies and techniques to help you centrally manage toll operations using a single integrated solution and above all enhance road safety for a better expressway experience in its advance tolling system.

The concept of toll collection is devised to raise funds for roads, especially for the highways, which enables to recover the capital invested in the construction and meet expenses to repair and maintain the roads. Also, toll operation is a process that reduces the tax burden on local taxpayers and charges the road users instead.

With technologies like Automatic Vehicle Classification System (AVCS), Weigh in Motion, RIFD system, we offer a unique, effective and yet very simple Electronic Toll Collection System. Our toll management system also gathers data on traffic volumes, vehicle classifications, vehicle speeds, the collected fares and sends you detailed reports

Toll360 Cloud Toll collection is a system enabling collection of toll payments electronically, allowing for near‐nonstop toll collection and traffic monitoring. Toll360 utilizes vehicles equipped with transponders (electronic tags), wireless communication, in‐road/ roadside sensors, and a computerized system (hardware and software) for uniquely identifying each vehicle, electronically collection of toll, providing general vehicle/ traffic monitoring and data collection.


CAVC is a key element for assessment of the correct toll fee at plazas and ensures accurate vehicle detection and classification. It is designed and customized to be rugged, durable and easy to maintain and is equipped with all necessary cooling and heating elements to withstand harsh environments.