• 800_ap-1210-cheap-home-alarm

    Home Alarm System AP-1210


    Technical Parameters for wireless home alarm system


    home alarm system main panel:


    Operating voltage: DC12V


    Average power: AC/DC exchanger 2A.

    Wireless receiving distance: ≤100M

    Operating Frequency: 315MHZ or 433.92

    Operating voltage: 12V/220/110VAC


    Outer Alarm Siren Volume: 120 db

    Working Condition: Temperature –10~+ 40

    Humidity ≤ 90%

    Capacity for Wireless Device: 120


    Wireless door/window Detector


    Power Supply: DC12V(inner 9V battery)

    Static Current: ≤20 uA

    Transmission Current: ≤15mA

    Transmission Frequency: 315/433MHZ±0.5MHZ

    Transmission Distance:  No obstacle 80m

    Interval Distance:  15 mm

    Working Condition: Temperature –10~+ 40

    Humidity ≤ 90%


    Wireless P.IR Detector


    Power Supply: DC9V (inner 9V battery)

    Static Current: ≤100 uA

    Transmission Current: ≤20mA

    Transmission Frequency: 315/433MHZ±0.5MHZ

    Transmission Distance:  No obstacle 80m

    Detective Speed: 0.3~3m/s

    Detective Distance: 5~12m

    Detective Range:  Horizontal 110° Vertical 60°

    Working Condition: Temperature –10~+ 40

    Humidity ≤ 90

  • 1582_ap-1207

    Home Security System AP-1207



    • GSM Frequency: Dual-Band(900/1800MHz), Quad-Band is optional(850/900/1800/1900Mhz) ;
    • Supports armed, Partial armed(At House or Stay) or disarmed, SOS  by remote control or mainframe keyboard;
    • Supports armed, disarmed, inquiry mainframe status, switch on or off relay output by SMS Commands;
    • Automatically send SMS Alert and dial to the pre-set cell phone when any sensor had been triggered;
    • Equips with 16 Wireless Zones, zone attribute (Normal/At House or Stay mode) and Zone Name is editable;
    • 3 X 24-Hour zones for smoke and gas leakage sensor,1XWatchdog zone for monitoring elder or child, 1XSOS zone for emergency help;
    • Supports 3 SMS Alert Numbers and 5 Calling alert numbers and 20 Alarm Records for owner review;
    • Supports Timer for automatically arm or disarm the system;
    • Supports armed delay to give enough time to you go out the home, the delay time is editable by user;
    • Equips with 1 Alarm-Link output relay, once the system triggered, the output will switch on for 4minutes;
    • Equips with 1 independent output relay, it can be switch on or off by SMS Commands. This is very useful for remote switch on light or off while you’re in another city in the night;
    • The Keypad can use as a dialer, the functions like the Cell phone;
    • The external power failure & recovery alert function is optional ;
    • Supports monitor through the internal microphone;
    • Supports internal Speaker to special user for two-way voice communication;
    • It is Compatible with PT2262/2264 and PT2242 wireless IC;
    • Standby internal rechargeable battery which can last 12 hours;
    • Based on the GSM communication network and Operation Menu Display technology, apply to wide range situations.
    • More programmable functions and features are available.


  • 1354_dc1207

    Home Security System AP-1208



    1. Large LCD English blue back-light display with voice prompt
    2. Support 99 wireless zones and 4 wired zones
    3. Each can be defined as one of the 8 zone types optional
    4. Four sets of scheduled arm/disarm function
    5. Store 6 alarm phone numbers, saved inside EEPROM without lost upon power failure
    6. Support ISD automatic voice mailbox for playback message upon alert
    7. Remote Arming /Disarming/Monitoring by phone
    8. Connect max 150pcs remote control and 150pcs detectors
    9. Unique black box function, can display recent 72 disarmed records and 102 recent alarm recording. Accurately shows the alarm time and zones number
    10. Wireless frequency: 315/433MHz
  • 157138395341010050207

    Smart Fingerprint Multi-Use Padlock with One Year Warranty

    Product Name: High quality small intelligent smart fingerprint multi-use padlock with one year warranty
    Model: FL-S5
    Dimension: 88.4*53.4*18.9mm
    Material: Zinc alloy
    Weight: 250g
    TYPE-C Input: 5V/100mA
    Battery: 180mAh 3.7V
    Capacity: 10 sets
  • TDM95E is an indoor USB Module used for Temperature Detection RTDM95E is an indoor USB Module used for Temperature Detection G

    TDM95E USB Module for Temperature Detection


    TDM95E is an indoor USB Module used for Temperature Detection, applicable to both T&A and A&C devices of ZKTeco.
    · USB Communication
    · Temperature Measurement Distance: 3cm to 5cm
    · Temperature Measurement Range: 32.0°C to 42.9°C or 89.6°F to 109.22°F Deviation: ±0.3°C or ±0.54°F

  • long-range-uhf-reader

    UHF Card Reader Long Range Distance 20m rs232/rs485 902-928mhz


    20m Reading range UHF reader Specifications:

    Operationg Frequency: 815~960MHz)
    Protocol: ISO 18000-6C (EPCGEN2)
    Frequency Hopping Mode: Fixed Frequency Band and FHSS Software Programmable
    Antenna: 8dBi circular polarize antenna (Integrated)
    Output Power: 0dBm~30dBm (Adjustable)
    Read/Write Range: Max Read Range:6m, Max Write Range:3m
    Distance depends on Reader&Antenna output power
    Operation Mode: Master-Slave Mode(Online Mode) Time Scheduled Modes Trigger Mode
    UHF reader Connecting Ports
    Communication Port: RS-232
    Wiegand Interface: Wiegand26&Wiegand34 supported
    10/100M Ethernet, GPRS. WIFI (for Customized Model only)
    Trigger: 1*TriggerLeverl Input
    General Purpose: 2*GPIO
    UHF readers\\\’ Accessories
    Power Supply: AC110~220V/DC + 12V
    Cables: Power Cable
    RS232 Serial Cable
    Brackets: Pole Mount Adapter
    Software Pack(Optional): API Software development kits complete with VB, C# Sample program
  • ufhuhfreader

    UHF Long Range Distance Reader


    UHF 5 series and UHF 10 series reader are a new generation of UHF RFID series products for our company’s independent research and development of the long distance card reader system in the personnel management,goods management and vehicle management.
    The product uses the industry’s most cost-effective UHF card reader chip, and the part of swing card adopts the module integrated design, making the product to meet the technical requirements of the parking lot.Meanwhile, the utility model has the advantages of stable reading performance, good consistency, low working current and temperature, long service life, and small external influence, and the product adopts the waterproof outer shell design.
    The product is also a fully meet the CE, FCC technology requirements of the product, and to obtain CE, FCC and other security certification.

  • 200882263423937 (1)

    Under Vehicle Search Mirror

    1. Equip mainly yes the police, security personnel
    2. It is very simple to use.
    3. The surface of the mirror is very clear, adopt the special materialSpare part:LED torch
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