Apply for Dealership

Become a Dealer !

A person or a company can apply for registration (or renewal) as a dealer if:

The applicant is working in Security & Safety or relevant products
The applicant, interested persons and associated persons are not direct customer or client
The applicant able to buy in Quantity at a time to sustain his dealership
The applicant can’t quote Minimum price as we are giving in retail, if we found, his dealership will cancelled without prior notices.

Note: We have no longer be branch registrations. If the dealer trades from more than one location, he or she is registered as one dealer only, but the registration lists all of the authorized places of business. We are not responsible of any type of dealing/mishandling/mis-commitment or any other type of issues of any dealer/person/organization. We are just registering dealers to avail them goods in best prices with services.

Registration Validity:
Registration valid till 3 Months, in this 3 Months you have to mature your transaction as you can avail the dealer prices to grow. Otherwise, registration will automatically expire if there is no transaction till 1 Month.



If you can’t able to submit form, you can mail us your details at :



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