Electric Fence Wire

We source the most robust steel wires and electric fencing systems, these are ideal for industrial, commercial or residential applications. Being the best electric fence provider in Pakistan, our footprint is in three provincial capitals namely, Lahore, Quetta & Karachi while our service is available across Pakistan. Want to sleep peaceful at night knowing that your livestock is secure & protected? Get in touch with the best electric fence providers.

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Product Description

What’s Special?

Synonymous to our brand name, our fencing systems not only offer longevity as all our fences leave the production line with zinc coating, but the way we curate your custom built fences, these are impregnable which means intruders stand no chance at breaking into your home due to the mesh like built of our fences.

Our Services Include

Electric fencing installation

We offers custom made electric fencing installation befitting our customer needs. Our design team closely works with you to curate the perfect fit of electric fencing for your residential, commercial & industrial properties. Each one of electric fence is unique in its way because all are made according to your specific needs.

Electric fencing repairs

The reason why are customers opt for the best electric fence providers on Pakistan, because we understand the purchase decision that goes into installation of electric fences and to ensure optimum performance of electric fences our teams are available round the clock for any fixes that your fencing may need.

Electric fencing maintenance

Choosing as your go-to partner for all your electric fencing needs has a lot of upsides, including timely maintenance of your electric fencing. Forget about pulling up one of those folding ladder to check on the working condition of your fences, we’ve got you covered with our specialized periodic maintenance of electric fences.