• DL30DB(New)

    DL30B/DL30DB(New) Smart Phone, Wireless Smart Lock. Your smart phone is now your key.


    • Various access for your convenience – password/card/key/smart phone

    • Enhanced security by random password for code access

    • Idle handle design to prevent from forcible entry

    • Voice guide for easier and more convenient use

    • Voice volume is adjustable, includes mute mode

    • Smart alarm for low battery & illegal operation

    • Normal open mode

    • External terminals to draw back-up power from a 9V battery

    • American standard single latch for easy installation and replacement – DL30B

    • German standard mortise with one latch and one deadbolt – turn handle upward to lock the deadbolt for more security – DL30DB

  • 16219330611207


    Intelligent identification
    Core technology, more convenient6 Unlocking ways
    Fingerprint/password/mechanical keys
    card/APP/WeChat Applet0.5Seconds
    Sensetive and fast fingerprint recognition26Numbers
    For anti-spy function100Fingerprints
    High capacity fingerprints input
  • 201412111708049094



    Technical Specifications


    Zinc Alloy

    Fingerprint Capacity


    Password Capacity


    Log Capacity



    USB flash disk


    Remote Control Key

    Operating Temperature

    0°C – 45°C

    Power Supply

    4×AA Alkaline Battery

    Backup Unlock

    9V Battery & Mechanical Key

    Door Thickness

    60-75 mm (standard)

    45-60 mm (optional)

    75-90 mm (optional)

  • ML10Rsdasdasd

    ML10R is a smart lock with advanced RFID technology


    • Advanced 13.56mhz Mifare card technology

    • Rugged, sleek and compact design

    • American standard single latch for easy replacement and installation

    • Independent clutch motor design under patent protection

    • Idle handle design to prevent forcible entry

    • Registration data are stored even if there is power loss

    • Handle, latch and strike are reversible for all door opening directions

    • Emergency key override (concealed)

    • LED indicator and inbuilt buzzer

    • External terminals to draw back-up power from a 9V battery

    • Low battery warning

    • Normal Open mode

    • Easy to program and easy to use

    • Easy to install – no wiring is required

    • 3 user groups- Admin, Normal User and Temporary User

    • Backset is 60 mm or 70mm (adjustable)

  • KF1602

    RFID Card Hotel Lock KF1602


    Functional features and parameters

    Full metal jacket, and the international standard five tongue lock

    Ultra-low power consumption: four v battery more than a year

    Alarm function normally open, normally open, the special card function

    Extract can store openrecords, through the data card

    Hierarchical management, authority, time limits

    Card: IC RF card (T557)

    Lock body applies: 1 #, 2 #, 9 #, 10 #

  • 157138395341010050207

    Smart Fingerprint Multi-Use Padlock with One Year Warranty

    Product Name: High quality small intelligent smart fingerprint multi-use padlock with one year warranty
    Model: FL-S5
    Dimension: 88.4*53.4*18.9mm
    Material: Zinc alloy
    Weight: 250g
    TYPE-C Input: 5V/100mA
    Battery: 180mAh 3.7V
    Capacity: 10 sets
  • 201504071005374245


    Material Zinc Alloy
    Fingerprint Capacity 100
    Password Capacity 2
    Card Capacity 100
    Communication U-Disk
    Options Remote Control
    Operating Temperature 0 ℃ – 45℃
    Power Supply 8 x AA Alkaline Battery
    Backup Unlocking Way Mechanical Key & 9V Battery
    Door Thickness 45-50 mm (standard)

    50-65 mm (standard)

    65-75 mm (standard)

    75-90 mm (optional)

  • TL400

    TL400B Series(New) Smart Phone, Smart Lock. Your smart phone is now your key.


    • Voice volume is adjustable

    • Enhanced security by random password for code access

    • European standard mortise – the door locks by itself once close

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