•  45,000

    15 inch VDF Display Cash Register

    1. Fashionable Design. Metal body, aluminum material
    2. Easy to change customer display or 2nd screen without screwdriver.
    3. Easy to install MSR, I-Button, Fingerprint.
    4. Light body, save rooms.
    5. Stand back cover can hide the wire.
    6. High standard of waterproof and dustproof (IP54).
    7. Patented products, Own mold, the source factory, reliable quality.

  •  32,000

    HP Graphical POS Pole Display QZ704AA


    HP QZ704AA


     New product

    HP Graphical POS Pole Display QZ704AA

    Performance, flexibility, and style—everything you need in a 2-line customer-facing display.

  •  27,000

    Tcang 2×20 VFD Customer Display


    What is the feature of VFD customer display?

    1. High brightness green lattice vacuum fluorescent screen (VFD) screen, can display digital and English characters (other optional languages). The content of the screen is 20 x2 lines.
    2. The technology of integration of the electronic industry of the internal chip, uses a PCB board of 1.6 mmFR4 that is the best in the electronics industry. Stable and reliable performance.
    3. Compatible with the set of standard instructions “ESC / POS”. You do not need any controller, just turn it on and choose the work mode.
    4. Power supply by USB port DC 5Vor.
    5. The useful life of the screen can reach up to 300000 hours. It will not discolor or darken. We offer 1 year warranty.
    6. Adjustable shell, comfortable visual angle. The height of the pole is adjustable.
    7. Application area: department stores, supermarkets, retail stores, restaurants, coffee shops, fast food stores, etc.
    8. Compatible with iOS, Android, Windows and so on