Tcang 2×20 VFD Customer Display


What is the feature of VFD customer display?

  1. High brightness green lattice vacuum fluorescent screen (VFD) screen, can display digital and English characters (other optional languages). The content of the screen is 20 x2 lines.
  2. The technology of integration of the electronic industry of the internal chip, uses a PCB board of 1.6 mmFR4 that is the best in the electronics industry. Stable and reliable performance.
  3. Compatible with the set of standard instructions “ESC / POS”. You do not need any controller, just turn it on and choose the work mode.
  4. Power supply by USB port DC 5Vor.
  5. The useful life of the screen can reach up to 300000 hours. It will not discolor or darken. We offer 1 year warranty.
  6. Adjustable shell, comfortable visual angle. The height of the pole is adjustable.
  7. Application area: department stores, supermarkets, retail stores, restaurants, coffee shops, fast food stores, etc.
  8. Compatible with iOS, Android, Windows and so on
  • Description

Product Description

Name VFD220L-Bluetooth Pole MODE VFD220L
Pole display command
pole display command command Hex n company command Hex n company
ADM787/788 32H CD5220 37H Partner
DSP800 33H Giga NCR POS 38H NCR
AEDEX 34H PD6000 39H Logic Controls
UTC-S 35H UTC ICD2002 3AH Puritron
Pole  Language
NO Code Language Code Language
1 PC437 Standard European 10 WPC1252 Western/U.S.A
2  PC850 Multilingual 11 WPC1253 Greek
3 PC852 Latin #2, Slavonic 12 WPC1254 Turkish
4 PC858 Euro 13 WPC1250 Central European
5 PC860 Portuguese 14 PC737 Greek
6 PC863 Canadian French 15 PC775 Baltic
7 PC 865 Nordic 16 PC864 Arabic
8 PC866 Cyrillic #2 17 Farsi Farsi
9 WPC1251 Cyrillic
Explanation of parameters
NO Item Description NO Item Description
1 Display  Method Vacuum  fluorescent  display 14 Support dimensions 120mm
2 Number of character 40 characters(20 columnsX2 lines) 15 Base  dimensions 187(W)X60(H)
3 Character font 5X7 Dot matrix 16 Viewing  angle -5—60 degrees
4 Display  color Green Blue 17 Rotation  angle Maximum 270  degrees
5 Brightness 700 cd/m2 18 Weight 1.5KG
6 Character  type 96 alphanumeric                    13Kinds of international character set 19 Operating temperature  -30—50℃
7 Character  size 9.0mm x 5.25mm 20 Operating Humidity 30%—80%
8 Power supply DC5V/1A Power adapter 21 Storage temperature  -40–60℃
9 Power consumption 2.5W 22 Storage Humidity 10%-90%
10 MTBF 30000 Hours(power on time) 23 Operating system WINXP  2003 ,2008, Vista,Win 7,WIN8  , Android
11 Communication  Interface Bluetooth  Class 2 24 pole display command ESC/POS,CD5220,


/788 ,PD6000   AEDEX, NCR POS,ICD2002

12 Baud Rate 2400/9600BPS 25 OPOS  system EPSON  OPOS
13 Panel dimensions 224(W)X85(H)X45(D)mm