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    Chloride UK Ah388-2 Smoke detector

    Chloride uk Ah388-2 Smoke detector, is a very effective photoelectric detector with flashing led the flashing led becomes steady when it detects smoke, it then send signal to the fire alarm control panel, then it raises alarm to alerts occupant of the building
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    Portable Smoke Detector Wireless

    The detector adopts the special structure design and ASIC, has the dustproof, mothproof and
    anti outside light interference feature etc
    Alert and warn people stay far away from danger field when it detected smoke
    Alarm test button
    Easy to install
    9 Volt battery included
    Photoelectric sensor for early detection from all directions
    Alarm Volume: 10 feet to 85 dB
    Wireless Mode: Alarm smoke
    Color: White
    Operating current: 10-300μA
    Operating Temperature: -5°C ~ 50 °C
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    Smoke Detector with Relay


    Smoke Detector with Relay