Hand Held Metal Detector Super Wand Gp008


GP-008, High sensitivity Security Protection Hand held Metal Detector for Court of justice and Prison


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Product Description

  • Simple and convenient operation
  • Low power consumption: zero consumption in standby state and below 1mA in working state
  • High detecting speed: time span between last alarming and next detecting is 0.1 second
  • High precision and sensitivity: capable of detecting tiny metal objects (0.1g or below) in an accurate way
  • Battery management system: battery testing, battery trouble and low battery voltage can be done by the system in a consistent way
  • Following hearing difference principle of human being
  • Different alarming pitch can be achieved depending on distance with the detected metal objects (from weak to strong and high pitch)
  • Major feature is that the detector will be in alarming state the moment metal objects are detected, locking accurate position of objects
  • Detecting distance: objects with size of a pin and 35mm away from detector can be detected objects
Product dimensions 395mm*85mm*30mm
Packing dimensions 430mm*100mm*50mm
Product weight 20pcs/carton, 13 kg/ carton
Gross weight 0.5 kg/1pcs
Working power supply 6F22ND 9V battery
Alarm mode Buzzer and LED synchronized


Competitive Advantage:

High sensitivity, can detect a stitching needle. Can Locking the metal position by the voice alarm

  1. safety-check: Police, Ensure public security , Court of justice, Prison, Gymnasium and the place which need to detect the dangerous items ,such as gun ,knife
  2. The factory security: chemical plant, Mine factory, Electronic factory, Hardware factory, Plastic products factory
  3. Education system: To detect the Cheating tools that used in the college entrance examination,  Medium test , civil service examination and so on


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