Vibration Sensor Wireless


1. Power supply: Dry battery: A23. 12V DC

2.Maximum triggered operating voltage: 60VDC

3.Maxcurrent:20Ma; Minicurrent:10mA

4.Vibrationsensorsensitivity:high–middle–low5.Pulseoutputtime:.5mS~50mS6. Low battery alarm: Low battery LED is on when it is lower than 8V DC.

7.Sensitivity adjusted: High (H) Middle (M) Low (L)

8. Wireless frequency: 433 MHz OR: 315 MHz other RF to be ordered EV1527 330k or 430k

9. Transmitting distance: noninterference<200m ; indoor about 30~50 m10. Operating temperature:indoor-10~50c related humidity 95%11. Size:Transmitter part:90mm(L)55mm(W)22mm(H) weight: 70g