Zkteco EC10 & EX16 Elevator Control

Designing specifically for elevator control, the EC10 panel and EX16 floor extension boards provide customers with the most secured, scalable, versatile and affordable access control solutions available today. Floor access can be restricted based on various user credentials, including fingerprint, proximity card and/or password. Pre-defined time schedules can also be used to control floor access. During normal visits/business hours, unrestricted floor access can also be permitted (aka Passage mode). The EC10 Elevator Control Panel can restrict access up to ten floors. The EX16 Elevator Floor Extension Board restricts access up to an additional sixteen floors. Each EC10 can support up to three EX16 boards. When combining together, a total fifty eight (58) floors can be controlled with a single EC10 bundle. Note EC10 panels can be daisy-chained together to control as many floors as desired. Our powerful yet easy to use software makes the Elevator Control System very easy to manage. SDK is available for software companies which desire to integrate with the system.

  • Description

Product Description

  • Floor Button Control Relay10
  • Fingerprint Capacity (optional)3000
  • RFID Card Capacity30,000
  • Event Capacity100,000
  • Power Supply12V DC 1A
  • Communication to PCTCP/IP, RS485
  • Communication to EX16RS485
  • Number of supported EX163
  • Dimension242mm × 95mm × 60mm (L*D*H)
  • Net Weight0.8Kg
  • Floor Button Control Relay16
  • Communication to EC10RS485
  • RS485 AddressSet by DIP switch
  • Power Supply12V DC 1A
  • Dimension160mm × 106mm (L*D*H)
  • Net Weight0.2Kg