PY-180180D X ray Baggage Scanner Inspection System


Brand PY Security
Model PY-180180D
Product Name X ray baggage inspection system
Applications Hold baggage inspection, Customs and border inspection, Passenger, visitor and delivery checkpoints, Cargo and freight inspection
Product dimensions 6159mm(L)x2675mm(W)x2795mm(H)
Shipping dimensions 2100 mm(L)x1600mm(W) x2590mm(H),1st part; 2100 mm(L)*1600mm(W) *2590mm(H),2nd part; 3100 mm(L)* 2100mm(W) *2590mm(H),3rd part; 1900 mm(L)* 1600mm(W) *2050mm(H),4th part.
Net Weight 3500 kg
Shipping Weight 4000 kg
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Product Description

1. Twin-channel detection system. Each system with one x Ray generator and one set detector module.
2. The object is scanned downward and lateral to get a best image no matter how it is placed.
3. Twin-channel data acquisition and transmission technology to process and display the images from different angle scanning simultaneously.
4. Ф 0.0787mm (AWG40) high-definition image, 1.58mm high resolution detector, 37mm steel board.
5. Four monitors display(options) the twin-channel images at same time( color, B & W respectively).
6. Drugs and explosives auto detection(RS- -DEI).
7. Hi-spot for image best contrast and HDA to alert dangerous items.
8. Temperature and humidity monitoring.
9. Modular design, self-diagnosis for important parts like X- Ray generator, detection boards array, light barrier.
10. Convenient software and humanized hardware, special keyboard, zoom & move by mouse.


Physical Details

Tunnel size: 1810(W) x 1810(H) mm.
Product dimensions: 6159mm(L)x2675mm(W)x2795mm(H).
Wooden packing dimensions:

2100 mm(L)x1600mm(W) x2590mm(H),1st part;
2100 mm(L)*1600mm(W) *2590mm(H),2nd part;
3100 mm(L)* 2100mm(W) *2590mm(H),3rd part;
1900 mm(L)* 1600mm(W) *2050mm(H),4th part.

Net weight: 3500 kg.
Shipping gross weight: 4000kg.
Working temperature: (-20)℃~(+60)℃/Humidity 5% to 95%
Storage temperature: (-30)℃~(+70)℃/Humidity 5% to 95%, no condensing.
Power supply: 220VAC/380VAC (-10%~ +20%),50/60±3Hz.
Power: 2.5 kVA.
Certificates: Meets electrical safety and compatibility requirements for CE(EMC Directive~2014/30/EU and LVD Directive~2014/35/EU), ROHS (Directive~2011/65/EU).

X-RAY Generator
X-ray tube head: Self-contained.
Tube voltage rating: 200kV(2 PCS), adjustable.
Tube current: 1.0mA, adjustable.
Cooling/working period: 100% with sealed oil bath cooling.
Beam direction: Downward & Sideward (80°beam divergence), dual View.
X-ray leakage dose: Less than 0.5 μSv/ h (5cm distance from any position of the machine).
Single scanning leakage dose: Less than 4.0 μSv / h.
High X-ray leakage protection: Two levels lead curtains to reduce the leakage and protect operators.

Inspection Performance
Steel penetration: 50 mm typical(Can be customized).
Conveyor speed: Approx. 0.22m/s, optional top to 0.6m/s.
Conveyor height: 300mm(including the support tray).
Wire Resolution: 40 AWG(0.0787 mm) typical.
Space Resolution: Horizontal Φ 1.0mm;vertical Φ 1.0 mm.
Noise: <60dB.
Max. Load Weight: 3000kg (6613 lbs).
Film Safety: Guaranteed for high-speed film up to ISO 1600 (33 DIN).


The array detector: L-type photo-diode dual energy detector.

17 inch color LCD monitor, 2pcs, pixel 1280 x 1024/24 bits video card.

Image Performance System
Operating system: Win 7 English version.
Standard Functions: Black & white image/High & Low penetration/Organic& in-organic image/local & edge enhancemen/super enhancement/ zoom in & zoom out/Image resolution/Image storage/Image management/Gray level scanning/Belt forward & reversal/Marks/ Hi-Spot. Time & date/Power on indicator/Self diagnostic function/System log/Baggage counts/TIP function/User management.
Image storage: At least 100,000 images can be stored/ Image export/ Image batch conversion(to .jpg)/image simulated playback/Image search.

Pull back/forward: 20 images to process.
Smart zoom: 32X, adjustable zoom preview window.1.png2.png3.png


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