Zkteco OP-200 (New) Opera Reader


Next-generation fingerprint reader for Fast and Simple Biometric Security Upgrades. Designed for AMAG customers.

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Product Description

OP-200 is the first model released from our Opera series of integrated biometric readers.  Opera is the security industry’s first and only biometric series of fingerprint and facial readers which can uniquely communicate directly to Lenel OnGuard access control software.

OP-200 is an access control terminal which incorporates our latest fingerprint sensor we call “SilkID”.  The SilkID sensor is one of the most advanced fingerprint sensors available in the security industry, today.  SilkID is incredibly fast-matching and accurate regardless the environment its operating in.  It can identify users with normally hard to read fingerprints and also has a powerful fake-finger detection engine.

SilkID surpasses the speed and accuracy of competing sensors due to its optimized fingerprint-matching algorithm and our state of the art ZMM220 hardware platform, equipped with a 1.2GHz processor.

The OP-200 touch-keypad provides security administrators user-intuitive comfortable menu- navigation while enrolling and deleting users and configuring device and access control parameters.



OnGuard Integration

OP-200 rmware communicates directly with OnGuard and automatically synchronizes needed customer user data. Eliminates need for middleware. Eliminates need to manually create users in the biometric readers.


Wiegand-Out to Lenel access control panel

Wiegand-In for connecting optional 3rd party card readers

TCP/IP and RS232/485 ports for data communication

USB port for offline data management

Biometric Performance

Advanced SilkID fingerprint recognition technology delivers optimal accuracy,matching speed and powerful fake finger detection.

Authentication Options

(single or multi-factor)
 Fingerprint
 RFID (HID, Mifare, Desfire)
 Password

Auto Data Synchronization

Multiple OP-200s automatically synchronize
fingerprint templates. Eliminates need for middleware. Eliminates need to separately manage templates.


3,000 fingerprint templates
30,000 cards
100,000 transactions

OP-200 is very easy to install and simple to use!

Enroll users’ fingerprints by using the OP-200 master unit’s webserver. The OP-200 master unit then synchronizes those users’ fingerprints and data with the OP-200 slave units.

Installation steps as following:

1. Provide 12V power and network cables near OP-200 Master and Slave reader wall mounts.

2. Connect power and network cable to OP-200 Master and Slave readers. Make note of OP-200 Master reader’s IP address. Configure Slave readers with OP-200 IP address.

3. Install OP-200 driver on computer running OnGuard access control software and enter IP address of OP-200 Master reader.

4. OnGuard access control software user-data automatically synchronizes with OP-200 Master. After synchronization, enroll fingerprints either directly on OP-200 Master reader or on SilkID fingerprint enrollment reader (connected to computer running OnGuard access control software).

5. Installation is complete. OP-200 Master reader will automatically synchronize user data and fingerprint templates amongst OP-200 slave readers whenever changes occur.

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OP200 Quick Start and installation Guide
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